The English study: electronic cigarettes more effective than other methods with nicotine for smoking cessation

According to Canada Ejuice

Electronic cigarettes are more effective than other methods based on nicotine-based smoking cessation replacement. To say it is a new research published in the New England Journal of Medicine , coordinated by Peter Hajek. The study was based on the assumption that e-cigarettes are commonly used in attempts to quit smoking, but the evidence is limited regarding their efficacy compared to that of nicotine products approved as smoking cessation treatments.

How smokers were tested
The researchers explain: “We randomly assigned to adults who attend stop-smoking services of the British National Health Service nicotine replacement products of their choice, including product combinations, provided up to 3 months, or an initial pack of cigarettes electronic (a second generation rechargeable electronic cigarette with a nicotine e-liquid bottle [18 mg per milliliter]), with a recommendation for purchase in line with the initial choice “. Treatment included weekly behavioral support for at least 4 weeks. The results were then judged starting from the ability to maintain abstinence for a year (all verified at the level of periodic analyzes). Out of a total of 886 study participants, the 1-year abstinence rate was 18,

Comparison numbers
Among those with 1-year withdrawal, those in the e-cigarette group were more favorable than those in the nicotine replacement group to continue using the assigned product after week 52 (80% versus 9%). Overall, throat or mouth irritation was reported more frequently in the e-cigarette group (65.3%, vs. 51.2% in the nicotine replacement group) and more frequently nausea in the nicotine replacement group (37, 9%, compared to 31.3% in the e-cigarette group). The e-cigarette group reported a greater decline in the incidence of cough and phlegm production at 52 weeks compared to the nicotine replacement group. There were no significant differences between the groups in the incidence of wheezing or shortness of breath.

Electronic cigarettes: prices and models, expert advice for beginners

The consumption of electronic cigarettes in our country is returning to rise after the arrest of the last two years. According to the 2016 Report on Smoking of the Higher Institute of Health, almost 4 percent of Italians use e-cig routinely or occasionally , supported also by scientific studies that increasingly consider this alternative to traditional smoking as desirable. For those wishing to approach this world, the Test-Lifeguard asked for advice on models and prices to Paolo Bertacco, a retailer of liquids for electronic cigarettes for Realfarma.

What can a newcomer to electronic cigarettes buy?
As a rule there are rather simple instruments, of low power, in the shape of a cigarette. the vast majority of retailers have a tendency to offer this type of device. And then with the market that has evolved, many also offer devices of a certain power.

What do we mean by power?
Given by the battery that can range from 3 Watts to 400. In small devices, from 3 to maximum 15 W. It results in heating of the resistance, in the container that is above the battery, and from the expressed heat more or less is created steam, which involves a greater density.

And the duration?

It depends on how long you hold down the battery button. The fundamental element for the sensation of the consumer depends on the level of nicotine. For a neophyte it must be of a fairly high alcohol content, 9-18 milligrams.

Because he’s used to smoking a normal cigarette.
Exact. Notwithstanding that the proportion of nicotine decreases proportionally to the increase in battery voltage. If you have a 15 W and you are sucking up a high nicotine you will get a strong bang.

Can we adjust the density of the aspiring vapor?
For beginners as a rule, small instruments do not have adjustments, while those boxes do.

How much are those in the shape of cigarettes?
It goes from 20-40 euros, a kit that includes the battery, the atomizer, which would be the receptacle, and the battery charger.

What battery does it take?
Lithium batteries. For small devices are specific batteries.

How much can I smoke with a refill?
It is difficult to give because it depends on the use, usually 2-3 ml per day for a novice is a sufficient dose to replace the entire need. In a refill there are 1-2 ml to go up.

Then there are the E-Cig called Box, those with shapes more like cans, in fact.
The operation is the same. Change the ergonomic aspect. There is a factor in some ways of power, because inside it is possible to insert more powerful batteries, thus creating a stronger steam.

Is it possible to put tanks for larger liquids?
You can attach the basic atomizer or one with a capacity of up to 3-5 ml of liquid.

So who buys a box does it to have a stronger suction feeling or to have a larger liquid tank?
Both. You can use a lower-grade nicotine, because what counts for the smoker is the so-called “blow in the throat”, similar to when you hear when you smoke a traditional cigarette. And then because it can last longer.

E-cigs and Their Benefits to Your Life

E-cigs and Their Benefits to Your Life

E-cigs or electronic cigarettes and vaporizers have been developed as a form of alternative to traditional smoking.

If you are looking for something you can use to replace your good old cigarette but you want to understand first what good you will get when you switch to vaporizers or e-cigs, make sure you read on to discover the benefits associated with it.

Save More Money

In case you don’t know it yet, e-cigs are actually so much cheaper compared to smoking those tobacco cigarettes you have long been used to. One pack of the usual tobacco cigarettes often costs about $7 to $19, with the figures dependent on where your area of residence is. On the other hand, one cartridge of electronic cigarette equivalent to almost a full pack will only cost you $2. This means that you can save around $4 up to $9 savings on each pack. You can save more money if you use e-liquid and fill your cartridges on your own. This will equate to around $1 for every pack.

You May End Up Smoking Less

Every time you smoke the usual tobacco cigarette, you will have that feeling of obligation to smoke the whole cigarette. E-cigs, on the other hand, will let you take just a few puffs then put them away for future use. This means that you will be smoking less in a more natural way. The e-cigs also don’t sit in the ashtray where it burns your money if you are not smoking it.

Say Goodbye to the Pesky Smoke Smell

E-cigs will also ensure that there will no longer be smoke drifting to the air that will make your breath, fingers, hair, and clothes smell. You can also use them in your home or car without worrying about smoke-y odor. The use of an electronic cigarette means that you will only be breathing vapor that doesn’t smell at all.

E-cigs also don’t have that very hot end, which means that there are minimal risks of burn. So, you can also worry less about holes burnt in your clothes, carpet, car interior, and furniture. Since you don’t light up e-cigs and they don’t heat up, it is almost impossible that you will be burn unwanted holes in anything. Just put your e-cig inside your pocket once you are finished.

No More Lighters and Ashtrays

With e-cigs, there is no need for you to use an ashtray because they don’t produce any butts or ashes. On top of that, you don’t even need a lighter at all. E-cigs don’t produce a flame. You don’t have to look for a book of matches or a lighter. That means one less tool you have to carry around with you all the time.

E-cigs are Allowed in Areas Where Traditional Smoking is Banned

As mentioned earlier, e-cigs don’t produce any smoke or flame. You can use your e-cig for getting your dose of nicotine in areas where it is not allowed to smoke. Just make sure that you check first with the specific establishment. Once confirmed, you can now calm and satisfy your cravings even if you are at the office, at a bar, in the airport, or in a restaurant with no need to step outside.