E-cigs and Their Benefits to Your Life

By | April 15, 2019

E-cigs and Their Benefits to Your Life

E-cigs or electronic cigarettes and vaporizers have been developed as a form of alternative to traditional smoking.

If you are looking for something you can use to replace your good old cigarette but you want to understand first what good you will get when you switch to vaporizers or e-cigs, make sure you read on to discover the benefits associated with it.

Save More Money

In case you don’t know it yet, e-cigs are actually so much cheaper compared to smoking those tobacco cigarettes you have long been used to. One pack of the usual tobacco cigarettes often costs about $7 to $19, with the figures dependent on where your area of residence is. On the other hand, one cartridge of electronic cigarette equivalent to almost a full pack will only cost you $2. This means that you can save around $4 up to $9 savings on each pack. You can save more money if you use e-liquid and fill your cartridges on your own. This will equate to around $1 for every pack.

You May End Up Smoking Less

Every time you smoke the usual tobacco cigarette, you will have that feeling of obligation to smoke the whole cigarette. E-cigs, on the other hand, will let you take just a few puffs then put them away for future use. This means that you will be smoking less in a more natural way. The e-cigs also don’t sit in the ashtray where it burns your money if you are not smoking it.

Say Goodbye to the Pesky Smoke Smell

E-cigs will also ensure that there will no longer be smoke drifting to the air that will make your breath, fingers, hair, and clothes smell. You can also use them in your home or car without worrying about smoke-y odor. The use of an electronic cigarette means that you will only be breathing vapor that doesn’t smell at all.

E-cigs also don’t have that very hot end, which means that there are minimal risks of burn. So, you can also worry less about holes burnt in your clothes, carpet, car interior, and furniture. Since you don’t light up e-cigs and they don’t heat up, it is almost impossible that you will be burn unwanted holes in anything. Just put your e-cig inside your pocket once you are finished.

No More Lighters and Ashtrays

With e-cigs, there is no need for you to use an ashtray because they don’t produce any butts or ashes. On top of that, you don’t even need a lighter at all. E-cigs don’t produce a flame. You don’t have to look for a book of matches or a lighter. That means one less tool you have to carry around with you all the time.

E-cigs are Allowed in Areas Where Traditional Smoking is Banned

As mentioned earlier, e-cigs don’t produce any smoke or flame. You can use your e-cig for getting your dose of nicotine in areas where it is not allowed to smoke. Just make sure that you check first with the specific establishment. Once confirmed, you can now calm and satisfy your cravings even if you are at the office, at a bar, in the airport, or in a restaurant with no need to step outside.

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